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Plastic ball physical mechanical performance test report

 The testing conditions were double-fifth, 0.5%, 170 degrees * 10MIN, mold pressure. The appearance is translucent, excellent yellowing resistance, no mechanical impurities. The product meets the ROHS, FDA, LFGB and other environmental protection requirements, the silicone rubber ball properties, the rubber ball properties, and the physical and mechanical properties of the silica gel ball are reported as follows:

Hardness Shore A: 20 degrees, 30 degrees, 40 degrees, 50 degrees, 60 degrees, 70 degrees, 80 degrees.

Plasticity: 140-160, 160-180, 190-210, 210-230, 240-160, 290-310, 320-340.

Density g/cm cube: 1.06, 1.08, 1.11, 1.14, 1.17, 1.22, 1.25.

Tensile strength MPA: greater than 4, greater than 6.5, greater than 7.5, greater than 8, greater than 8, greater than 8, greater than 7.5.

Elongation at break: greater than 700, greater than 600, greater than 480, greater than 380, greater than 280, greater than 240, greater than 150.

Tear strength KN/M: greater than 12, greater than 13, greater than 13, greater than 14, greater than 12, greater than 12, greater than 10.

Permanent compression %: less than 7, less than 6, less than 4, less than 4, less than 4, less than 4, and less than 4.

Linear shrinkage %: 3.6-4, 3.5-3.9, 3.3-3.7, 3.2-3.6, 3.1-3.5, 3.0-3.4, 2.9-3.3.

High and low temperature resistance: -50 to 300 degrees.

The material is Japan Polytechnic, DuPont.

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