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5.95mm Airsoft BB 0.12g (Green Plastic airsoft bb)


 High-precision, high-gloss (Dragon Ball) airsoft bb, 0.12g is completed through multiple grinding and polishing processes.

  Dragon Ball 0.12g airsoft bb, perfect quality, designed to enhance the best CS toy gun experience.

Ordinary 0.12g airsoft bb is usually poor quality products, due to the ordinary BB manufacturers, limited by technology and equipment, the production of 0.12g airsoft bb, the mold seam products have a convex line, into the plastic mouth has a bulge, the diameter tolerance Large, difficult to control when shooting.

  Dragon Ball 0.12g airsoft bb, our company has first-class production equipment, production of 0.12g airsoft bb, smooth surface, high precision, can guarantee that BB will not be stuck in the gun, extending the life of the toy gun. My company can provide customers a variety of packaging products, can also provide OEM services.

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