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Common BB and biological 0.2133g airsoft bb material differences

Finally, although the material is different, the material is broadly divided into two parts.

  This is what I think you know if it is the difference if there is no degradation or decomposition in the soil.

Differences in material differences are being built into airsoft bb, not plastic bullets made from petroleum that break down BB bullets in the soil, BB bullets are broken down into soils that use those biodegradable plastics.

After the BB bullet has been made of petroleum plastic high precision, the price of the proposal is personally very cheap, but most of the outdoor areas are environmentally friendly use is prohibited.

The use of biodegradable plastic on the other hand airsoft bb bomb (also known as: biological airsoft bb) is damaged or deformed to be stored for a long time susceptible to temperature and humidity or to take a long time.

As it needs is Chaimashou run out as soon as possible after that, will use airsoft BB bullet deformation load has opened the bag airsoft bb bombs.

It is necessary to save as much as possible on the temperature change in a small shade. If you have left a lot of time

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