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A USB sniper gun that can fire a BB bomb

Believe that a lot of friends in childhood have a BBS to launch a toy gun, and may also use it did many bad things, such as broken bulbs of what, at least I had that experience.

Now have a Taiwanese manufacturers toy gun made computer USB peripherals, pretty novel, the production product is now in the Japanese market, price 9999 yen, or about 600 yuan, as are a little too expensive toys.

The "sniper rifle" size is 320 * 160 * 160 mm, weight is 650 g, connected to the computer using the USB interface, but close to the USB interface when the current is unable to meet their needs, so you also need a external power supply of 5 v power supply.

The cartridge is a standard 6mm BB bomb, with a cartridge capacity of 15 rounds, with an effective range of only 8m, the speed of the chamber is relatively fast, reaching 30m/s, so it should still be painful to hit the person.

The horizontal Angle is 120 degrees and the vertical Angle is only 30 degrees.

As for the target, the "sniper rifle" built a web camera to ahead as sight, users need to use the corresponding software on the computer to it operations, the mouse or keyboard.

The software also has a wide range of support, whether it's XP, Vista, or Windows 7/8.

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