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It is said that biodegradable plastics cannot solve the problem o

Recently, foreign media reported the United Nations report released "biodegradable plastic and Marine trash," said by biodegradable plastic products and ordinary plastic products as it will probably destroy the Marine environment, because oxidation degradation plastic cannot fast decomposition in the ocean.

The UN environment programme (UNEP) director Achim Schmidt said according to a recent UN estimates of Numbers, earth's oceans increased by 20 million tons of plastic waste a year, the plastic will not disappear immediately, but is decomposed into plastic particles.

To this, the report said the current no quick solution to the Marine plastic pollution, as the existing evidence, be able to reduce Marine biodegradable plastic garbage have obvious effect, the only way from plastic garbage in source control environment.

In response to the UN report made, the British association of plastic (BPF) has defended the universality and advantages of the plastic, but admitted that biodegradable material not hedge against Marine garbage.

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