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The PLA biodegradable plastic ball

Biodegradable plastic ball principle

Our plastic balls are using biomass, starch, Poly real Lactic Acid, PLA biodegradable plastics, biodegradable plastics and the production.

The abbreviation of PLA is Poly real Lactic Acid, polylactic Acid (PLA) in Chinese.

It is made from corn by 100%, extraction, fermentation and polymerization of completely biodegradable plastics, its features are very similar with the traditional plastic, when use also has the same function as the general plastic, made of plastic ball, can be used repeatedly, can be recycled, if needed, the PLA plastic balls can be together with the food waste collection and transport to the composting plant for composting.

It can be completely decomposed in a short time. If it is disposed in the soil or seawater, it can also be decomposed into plastic pellets due to the action of microorganisms.

The difference between biodegradable plastic balls and traditional plastic balls

After biodegradable plastic balls are discarded, plastic balls can be completely broken down by microbes, becoming the carbon dioxide and water needed for plant growth, and are extremely friendly to the environment.

Plastic ball and the American food and drug administration and other international certification, its natural, non-toxic, environmental protection, sustainable and other four characteristics, conform to the natural, return to natural resources life cycle philosophy.

The raw material and material source of biodegradable plastic pellets

Biodegradable plastic balls of main raw material for natural materials such as corn, is different from general petrochemical products, and so reduces the dependence on oil the limited resources, but also indirectly reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides when crude oil refining and pollution emissions of gases such as sulfur oxides.

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