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Most people in China do not know that the country that allows gun

"Most western countries allow people to hold guns, while New Zealand, Poland and other countries have higher levels of freedom of gun ownership and gun control than the United States.

If the world is allowed to draw a curve of freedom, then the level of gun freedom in the United States is about the equivalent of a moderate level.

At least 527 people have been killed in the deadliest shooting rampage in Las Vegas in the us.

The gunman, Stephen paddock, 64, used a modified automatic rifle in the hotel's upper room to shoot the scene of the 300 meters away.

The shooting lasted nearly 10 minutes and fired 300 rounds, causing unprecedented casualties.

After the shootings, it began to discuss the problem of American gun control, it is interesting I found that most people do not know, most western countries have allowed private guns, America is just one of the largest country in the private ownership of guns.

Britain and France, for example, the so-called "gun control" countries, civilian gun or keep firearms is still very common, even the whole western society there is no completely in the sense of gun control.

So what is the standard of so-called gun management in the west?

In history, folk because western countries have has a tradition of martial and hunting movement, so the folk gun doesn't completely as a threat to public safety, but a special kind of sports and hobbies.

However, after the second world war, especially after the rise of terrorist activities, private guns did have public safety problems, so some western European countries began to control the amount of private guns.

Britain and France, both after world war ii, began restricting the number of private gun possession, and did so by raising the gun threshold to strengthen controls on the size of private firearms.

Britain, for example, requires citizens to hold firearms permits to buy and keep guns, which are cumbersome to apply.

The first requirement is that the applicant has no criminal record, and the doctor is required to prove that he is mentally normal and has a healthy physical condition with a gun.

At the same time, two more good honest citizens are also needed to prove that the applicant has a good character.

In addition, the holder must receive an interview or home visit from a relevant department official and must undergo a review every five years.

At the same time, the UK requires all gun owners to regularly participate in the shooting club activities and should report to the police the frequency of their participation and the ownership of the club.

In addition, the UK also restricted the types and purposes of private possession of firearms, with only the use of hunting and shooting to justify the use of guns.

The possession of automatic weapons, concealed carrying and the ability to masquerade as other objects are prohibited.

Guns are only used for shooting or hunting, and self-defense is not seen as a legitimate reason for gun owners to have weapons.

Most European countries, Canada and Australia also have similar management and local characteristics.

Australia, for example, allows private non-automatic rifles and shotguns, and does not require special licence applications, but semi-automatic rifles require special licence applications.

In general, the so-called "banned" countries in the west, such as Britain, France and Australia, also allow the private sector to have more easily held shotguns and non-automatic rifles for shooting sport or hunting.

However, Chinese laws strictly prohibit imitation guns, air guns, etc., which are easily obtained in these countries, and do not require any license or license.

With Australia's neighboring New Zealand is not only a gun, even allowed private armed with automatic weapons and and allow legitimate gunmen directly through the online purchase firearms and ammunition, far more convenient than the United States to buy a gun.

Even in Japan, which claims to be strictly banned, the private sector can still apply for a licence to hold a shotgun and air gun, or to hold a legally prescribed gun.

Eastern European countries such as Poland and the Czech republic, is not only the folk can gun, and can apply for a concealed gun license and also allows some approved people armed with automatic weapons and guns and acknowledge the self-defense purposes.

Of course, in terms of gun costs, the United States should be relatively low in western countries and low in gun and ammunition prices.

In gun countries such as Britain and France, gun ownership is a high consumption hobby, and the government intends to use the economic threshold to limit the size of the gunmen.

Region of Hong Kong, China also allows private armed, but are continuously improve the economic threshold of gun, for example in 1993 began to demand that the gunman must have independent room and storage guns must through the police security check.

For Hong Kong, where housing prices are higher than they are in the north, a single storage of guns must be expensive.

This shows that most western countries allow people to hold guns, while those in New Zealand and Poland have higher levels of freedom to own guns than the United States.

If the country that permits a gun to the world to draw a freedom curve, the level of gun freedom in the United States is about the equivalent of a moderate level.

After chatting with a friend who was preparing to emigrate, he was more fearful of allowing free guns in the United States and planned to immigrate to New Zealand.

When I introduced the New Zealand gun to him, he was amazed.

As a result, the majority of Chinese people do not know that the country and regions that allow guns are far more than they can imagine.

Comprehensive USA today, and other media reported that the United States on guns have always been a very special country, not just because everyone in the United States can be armed, but because of the American gun violence is the largest number of all developed countries.

In the background of the prevalence of gun violence, there are various kinds of ideas, public opinion, politics, religion and so on.

The world may be able to get a general sense of the context of this issue by finding that the world is investigating gun problems in the United States.

It accounts for 4.4% of the world's population but accounts for more than 40% of the world's guns.

In the United States, an average of nearly 30 people are shot dead every million americans, and the lead is several times higher than in other developed countries.

According to the harvard center for public health injury control, the direct cause is the staggering number of gun ownership in the United States.

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