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airsoft bb material and manufacturing method America

Barium sulfate

Because of the high proportion, scientific and very stable, insoluble in water, has long been used as a airsoft bb raw materials.

It appears that there is no particular hazard to the environment, but it is difficult to disagree from its stability

Weathering seems to take years and years.

Stone powder

Although it is strangely described by the semi-biological bullet's material notation, what kind of stone powder is specifically unknown is unknown.

It is hardly used as a single body, and seems to be mostly used with "tether" resins.

PLA (polylactic acid)

It is also a biodegradable material using BB bullets that contain PLA as its main ingredient.

PLA is easily broken down by water (molecular weight reduction) and eventually decomposed by microorganisms into water and carbon dioxide.

The proportion can also be relatively heavy, it can be said that relatively hard, it can be said that the perfect material for biological bombs, but some expensive.

It is characterized by a rigid and good spiral.

PP (polypropylene) PE (polyethylene)

Both are representative resins for injection molding, with low cost and excellent formability.

Additives for biodegradability are mainly additives, which are used as low-cost bio-projectile materials airsoft bb

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