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Lightweight airsoft bb 0.12 g ~ 0.2 g china dragon ball

Air Softgun most commonly used airsoft bb is this category.

Although a long time ago 0.2 airsoft bb  grams were treated as heavy bullets,

In recent years it has belonged to a lightweight bullet.

For less than 0.2 airsoft bb grams, low-power low-age air gun is the main purpose.

Cost performance is very high, multi-warhead magazine is the mainstream

In the current survival game, it is the most used.

According to airsoft bb  material, most of the light bullets have bubbles,

Since the rotation of the center of gravity is crazy, long-range hit accuracy is poor.

This means that we can not expect a higher hit rate because we use this type of airsoft bb .

Moreover, because of its light weight, energy loss due to air resistance is large,

There is also a weakness, it is difficult to reach a very far distance stalls.

This is also a big disadvantage, it is easy to be clean by the wind.airsoft bb 

It is suitable for short-distance applications, will not feel anxiety because of street shooting, hit accuracy deterioration, stalling.

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