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Half biological airsoft BB and pure biological BB difference

Biological airosft bb

It is a airosft bb made of germicidal and UV-totally-degradable material.

Used to be made of corn and starch in the past, although decomposed quickly, but the humidity is very weak,

At the moment, you can handle airosft bb as usual.

It is more expensive than other airosft bb, but outdoor is where I want to use biological bullets whenever possible.

Previously only 0.2 grams were not on the market, but in recent years, 0.12 grams and 0.25 grams, and even more blockbuster have also been released, and now you can choose the weight.

Although there was a bioflash = imprecise impression of accuracy, high-precision bullets were added and the sniper rifle was able to react very well.

In countries that completely protect the environment abroad, it is necessary to analyze the composition of the biological airosft bb to prove that they are reliably decomposed

There seems to be a place where it can not be used outdoors.

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