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  Airsoft BBs, .12g, .20g, .25g,6mm 0.20g Airsoft BBs,china6mm 0.23g Airsoft BBs,china6mm 0.25g Airsoft BBs, china6mm 0.28g Airsoft BBs, china6mm 0.30g Airsoft BBs, china6mm 0.32g Airsoft BBs, china6mm0.12g arisoft bbs taiwan Plastic BallsPlastic PP Balls chinaPlastic POM Balls chinaPlastic PA Balls chinaPlastic PMMA Balls chinaPlastic PC Balls chinaTPX Plastic ballNylon plastic hollow ballPE plastic ball chinaBio airsoft bbs china6mm 0.2g Bio airsoft bbs china6mm 0.23g Bio airsoft bbs chin6mm 0.25g Bio airsoft bbs chin6mm 0.28g Bio airsoft bbs chin6mm 0.30g Bio airsoft bbs chin6mm 0.32g Bio airsoft bbs chin
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Airsoft development process, BB gun has which brand, brand charac

There are more than two years left in the pit, and I don't know if I can keep up with The Times.Said marui first, in the jargon horse, horse card, Japan established factory, the price is expensive, good durability of the goods, general precision (only played hand spear) mainland buy reason is usually change IPSC model KSC, Japan's factory, but the Taiwan version, in mainland China in fact is a non-mainstream, especially g17 KSC systems and tm (marui) is different, lead to a lot of new people into the pit, the pit and lifted the forehead, but later with KSC horse gap version of the m4 occupied most of the market, far more than WE scar, VFC 416, become the upstart WE, factory in Taiwan, Taiwanese factory, cheap is one of the biggest purchase reason, push the new product quickly, but in fact more general, durability is so-so, and is generally not considered enough money, unless specific models, otherwise not buy KWA, Taiwan version of KSC, nothing too big said, less popular Taiwanese factory I recommend KJwork and WG short spear, long spear VFC (GBB) KJ CZ75 trigger trip is a little long, but the accuracy is better, and CO2 GAS double version let winter also can enjoy the pleasure of lu spear, WG revolver was nice mainland goods also has a lot of amazing products, usually a flash in the pan, sad boy D - 98 k, solid wood shell, then it is amazing to acme, although now touch more, found so much A&K SVD, basaltic military instead of solid wood suites, perfect!The m1892 of A&K, the m1892, the amazing, a lever gun new ocean m9, the KSC system, the 50-number parts are easy to collapse, the year will be completed all kinds of BBS private letters

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