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PA plastic foam ball and nylon plastic foam ball specific formula

PA plastic foam ball quality and volume of the formula: for example, to calculate PA plastic float 45.5mm, diameter 47.5mm, material selection DuPont PA66 material (PA66 material specific gravity of 1.15 g / cm³): PA plastic foam ball volume = 22.75 * 22.75 * 22.75 * 3.14 / 3 The volume of plastic foam ball is very difficult to calculate, because PA plastic foam ball production process, the proportion of blowing agent because of the different formulations change, resulting in nylon plastic foam ball The density is calculated with the density and the actual production of nylon plastic foam ball density is very different, but the formula under the same conditions, the above formula is still very accurate, so the above calculation The formula is for reference only. Mobile: 0169-81775120 Contact: Mr. Dong Source: http: //www.airsoft-bbschina.com/china/

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