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Toughening Process Analysis of Nano - Plastic Carbon Fiber Balls

Gangmi plastic carbon fiber ball is in the plastic ball raw materials to add Gangmi level of carbon fiber, the first plastic ball raw materials for a modified processing, the specific method is to use the machine in the plastic ball raw materials to join a certain percentage of nano-level Of the carbon fiber, and then the mechanical method of melting and mixing, through the machine mixing and fusion, fully uniform plastic ball raw materials and carbon fiber mixed together, the next step and ordinary plastic ball production methods are the same, but the injection molding machine wear Large, plus carbon fiber hardness is high, so the production of plastic carbon fiber ball to use a dedicated machine to produce, after the processing of plastic ball milling machine on the request is also high, back to the carbon fiber reinforced plastic ball hardness, The wear of the machine is also increased, the processing efficiency is not as high as the ordinary plastic ball production efficiency, the last process is polished, the polishing time can basically be processed out of ordinary plastic ball as smooth as nano carbon fiber plastic ball.

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