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Analysis of Micro - adjustment Process of Plastic Blank Ball in I

Plastic blank ball size fine-tuning process can generally increase the size of the original 0.10mm or less, the commonly used method is in the mold below the large plastic water tank connected to the water, and then just formed a good plastic ball ball with the water into the ball together To the water tank, so that the plastic ball through the surface of the rapid cooling, rapid molding, reduce shrinkage, you can put the original natural cooling of plastic blank ball size increased by 10mm or less, there is another way to plastic ball mold on the use of frozen water machine, so Plastic ball raw material into the plastic ball cavity, the rapid cooling, and then open the mold, the product fell into the plastic tank to achieve a second cooling, so that the production of plastic blanks than the original production of plastic blank ball size Large within 20mm.

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