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Biodegradable plastic BB ball to increase the hardness of the met

  Biodegradable plastic BB ball hardness is mainly due to the low hardness of PLA plastic raw materials caused by, in order to increase the hardness of biodegradable plastic BB ball, it is necessary from the biodegradable plastic BB ball raw materials to start, in addition to joining the PLA, but also to join other High hardness plastic, such as POM plastic or PC plastic, etc., but because of PLA and other plastic materials are two different characteristics of the plastic, in ordinary plastic BB ball raw materials granulation of the raw materials is difficult to mix good, need to In the process of adding a certain chemical additives, such as chemical paraffin, zinc zincate and other chemicals, but the characteristics of chemical agents will be higher than 230 degrees at the temperature will break down, can not get PLA and PE grafted Role, of course, experienced factories can be a one-time parameter to do a good job, made of qualified degradation and hard plastic BB ball raw materials, for some of the new cut into the BB industry, the company is necessary to do a good job of plastic BB ball raw materials And then a granulation processing, in order to meet the requirements, but this will increase the high cost of Dongguan City Jiayi Plastic Ball Co., Ltd. in this regard in front of the peer in the PLA plastic BB The company has produced a wealth of experience, Company website: www.airsoft-bbschina.com

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