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  Airsoft BBs, .12g, .20g, .25g,6mm 0.20g Airsoft BBs,china6mm 0.23g Airsoft BBs,china6mm 0.25g Airsoft BBs, china6mm 0.28g Airsoft BBs, china6mm 0.30g Airsoft BBs, china6mm 0.32g Airsoft BBs, china6mm0.12g arisoft bbs taiwan Plastic BallsPlastic PP Balls chinaPlastic POM Balls chinaPlastic PA Balls chinaPlastic PMMA Balls chinaPlastic PC Balls chinaTPX Plastic ballNylon plastic hollow ballPE plastic ball chinaBio airsoft bbs china6mm 0.2g Bio airsoft bbs china6mm 0.23g Bio airsoft bbs chin6mm 0.25g Bio airsoft bbs chin6mm 0.28g Bio airsoft bbs chin6mm 0.30g Bio airsoft bbs chin6mm 0.32g Bio airsoft bbs chin
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The Application of Plastic BB Ball in CS Field Expansion Training

  The weight of the plastic BB ball is divided into 0.12 g of B ball, 0.20 g of B ball, 0.23 g of B ball, 0.25 g of B ball, 0.28 g of B ball, 0.30 g of B ball, and 0.32 g of B ball. The weight ratio depends on the CaCO 3 powder filling ratio, Plastic BB ball raw materials manufacturing requirements are very high, only a few kinds of raw materials to meet the requirements of the production of plastic BB ball, as well as the granulator also has special parameters, so the production of plastic BB ball is much more difficult than the production of plastic ball , If the granulation process if the CaCO 3 powder and plastic raw materials mixed uneven, the production of BB surface will be smooth, easy to break, of course, like 0.2g BB bomb can also choose less CaCO3 powder, add more plastic raw materials to create But this will significantly increase the production cost of plastic BB ball, there is no competitive advantage, Dongguan City Jia Technology Plastic Ball Co., Ltd. after years of technology development, has developed its own unique plastic BB ball products, the current ball plastic balls and Dragon Ball BB has been selling a number of countries and regions, and has been the customer's praise, Dongguan City Jia Technology Plastic Ball Co., Ltd.: www.airsoft-bbschina.com.

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