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Causes and Solutions of Low Cracking of Plastic - plastic Ball

  Theoretically all plastic or plastic products will be a stress, but the stress is not a small adverse effect on the plastic balls can not flicker meter, the plastic forming die after the ball, rapid cooling, such as plastic balls absolute the stress is great, there is a very low mold temperature plastic balls, plastic balls because some plants in order to improve production efficiency, artificially added to ice water die mold temperature, the mold temperature is about 10 degrees, when after completion of the injection molding machine, the plastic pellets in the mold cavity is cooled rapidly, large stress is generated, so that the production process of plastic ball deprecated die temperature of ice-water, room temperature water to cool the mold to meet the requirements of , when the product out of the mold should be unified together on cooling, so that the temperature of the plastic pellets is reduced slowly, such cooling process to put a large stress is removed, of course, some special materials for plastic balloons, with such a simple method can not completely remove the plastic stress ball, in fact, very simple another way, it is to put plastic ball back and then slowly warmed cooling Plastic balls thus treated can be more than 95 ‰ stress removed, the above method is removing the plastic ball stress.

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