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Special plastic solid ball material characteristics

Special material plastic solid ball The main materials are: plastic PSU ball, plastic TPX ball, plastic nylon plus fiber ball, plastic PC ball, the following is a special material plastic solid ball table, for reference only! Plastic PSU ball refers to the macromolecule main chain containing sulfone and aromatic nuclear polymer compounds production and processing of plastic ball, has a very good high temperature characteristics, antioxidant capacity is all plastic is strong, resistant to radiation And excellent electrical insulation performance is very prominent, more resistant to chemical resistance, the conventional use of acid and alkali can not be on the plastic PSU ball no corrosive effect. Plastic TPX ball is Japan's Mitsui Chemical Mitsui Chemical exclusive production (poly 4-methyl pentene-1) resin plastic, plastic TPX ball is the main high-transparent plastic plastic, plastic TPX ball light transmission rate of 90% or more , Plastic TPX ball density of only 0.83g / cm3, is the general plastic solid float the best and is the only solid float material, you can use plastic injection molding process TPX ball, you can also use the blow molding process to produce plastic TPX hollow Ball, because TPX material prices are high, there are few factories producing plastic TPX hollow ball. Plastic TPX ball is mainly used for floating above the ball, because the proportion of light, do not need to make hollow ball can float on the water above, so most of the plastic liquid level is TPX material.

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