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Plastic PVC ball in the toy industry

   Plastic PVC ball is the advantage of cheap, the price of plastic PVC powder is more than 6000 yuan a ton, and conventional plastic ball material prices are 10,000 yuan more than one ton, and some up to 20,000 yuan more than one ton, such as Plastic nylon ball PA66 material, close to 30,000 yuan a ton, plastic PVC ball Another advantage is easy to shape processing, with velvet process production, can be any production of 100mm hollow ball under the ball, and plastic PVC ball Wall thickness can be adjusted according to need, the wall thickness is too thick plastic ball processing cycle to be more than 5 minutes, the cost is relatively high, plastic PVC ball with velvet process production The most common bad is the outer shell discoloration, and Plastic hollow ball internal crack, the main reason for the discoloration of the furnace temperature is too high and the lack of high-temperature materials in the preparation, which is the main reason for cracking is the temperature is not good control, or open the mold too early, the wall has not yet completed molding The mold open, causing cracking inside,

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