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Plastic polystyrene ball, plastic PPE ball

1. Plastic polyphenylene oxide ball dielectric properties are good for all engineering plastics, and are guaranteed to have good electrical performance in the temperature range of 150 degrees to minus 40 degrees. Dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent are the most material in the plastic. 2. Plastic polyphenylene ball has a very good excellent mechanical properties and heat resistance, plastic polystyrene ball mechanical properties is very good, high creep resistance, temperature changes on the plastic polyphenylene ball is minimal, you can can be ignored.

3. Plastic polyphenylene oxide ball excellent water resistance: plastic polystyrene ball water is very good, and engineering plastics have the lowest water absorption in the hot water for a long time soaking will not have due to water, and Affect the physical properties of plastic balls. The following are the same as the "

4. Plastic polystyrene ball has a good flame retardant, leave the fire immediately off: PPE oxygen index 29, the manufacture of flame retardant grade plastic polyphenylene oxide ball, without adding any special flame retardant can reach UL94 standard , There is no pollution to the environment. The following are the same as the "

5. Plastic polystyrene ball shrinkage is very low, the ball diameter and true roundness stability is very good.

6. Plastic polystyrene ball chemical resistance is excellent, acid, alkali and detergent and other solutions are not corrosive, but the light resistance is poor, so the processing of plastic ball to join a certain percentage of anti-UV additives.

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