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Plastic poly (phthalamide) ball, plastic PPA ball

Plastic Poly (phthalamide) has excellent physical properties, light and high temperature and excellent electrical insulation properties, although there is a high cost, but due to the very wide application of the market and prospects. In particular, plastic poly-phthalamide ball has a very good chemical resistance, the plastic poly-phthalamide ball into the automotive accessories, aerospace and other uses of excellent material ball. As a result of the mold can be used to complete the production of plastic poly-phthalamide ball, coupled with post-processing, PPA plastic ball can make the accuracy of ± 0.001 or more, can be comparable to metal balls, and a good self-lubricating, High temperature at 600 degrees or more, has reached the metal ball working environment temperature, the current high-grade cars with plastic ball bearings, are used plastic poly-phthalamide ball, I believe that more and more areas will use plastic poly Phthalamide ball.

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