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TPX plastic ball high temperature, clear and transparent, high me

TPX plastic ball characteristics: â’ˆ at high temperature comparison: TPX plastic ball has a very high elongation at break, impact strength, excellent creep resistance (rigidity); a, plastic TPX ball over 100 ℃ PP; b , Plastic TPX ball 130 ℃ environment can be used for one year; c, plastic TPX ball 150 ℃ above the PC; d, plastic TPX ball 180 ℃ environment can be used for 100 hours. â‘¥ plastic TPX ball electrical insulation: (TPX molecules without polar groups) a, dielectric strength: 65KV / mm (better than PTFE and propylene); b, dielectric constant: 2.12 (PTFE dielectric constant of 2.0 ~ 2.1); â’Š plastic TPX ball chemical resistance: acid, alkali, edible oil; (water absorption is very low: the water and water vapor has a high tolerance) â’‹ health security: non-toxic, in line with the US FDA ; TPX plastic ball electrical insulation performance better than polypropylene. Acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to organic solvents, stress cracking resistance, no other transparent material in the use of detergent by the role of stress cracking tendency. TPX plastic ball can be sterilized at 130 ℃ 400 times without fog, 160 ℃ hot air disinfection 1 hour can withstand 50 times, more than 200 ℃ disinfection can also be, it can withstand ethylene oxide and radiation sterilization. Disadvantages Poor resistance to the environment, easy oxidation, light and radiation degradation, heat, turn yellow. Suitable for transparent medical equipment, microwave tableware and regular cutlery. TPX plastic ball also has a very good fiber, raw material source wide, therefore, it was also called "poor nylon". Injection characteristics TPX for the crystalline polymer, a significant melting point, the general heating to 235 ℃ can melt; injection, the general use of the temperature of 260 ℃ - 300 ℃. TPX does not absorb water, generally do not need to dry, sometimes for product quality, you can also use 60 ℃ temperature, drying for 30 minutes to 1 hour to drain the raw materials in the water. TPX shrinkage of 22 

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