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Hollow plastic ball specifications, hollow plastic ball specifica

Plastic ball by functional distinctions are: solid plastic ball, plastic solid ball, hollow plastic ball, plastic hollow ball, foam plastic ball, plastic foam ball, plastic foam float, plastic foam float, plastic Solid ball, plastic ball hollow ball, three plastic golf, double plastic golf, single layer of plastic golf practice balls. Plastic ball according to the material to classify are: PP plastic ball, the main material is homogeneous PP injection completed, with good chemical properties, strong acid and alkali resistance, environmental protection, in line with US FDA certified materials, in the field of food and medical packaging and equipment widely used. POM plastic ball, also known as plastic POM ball, POM ball due to high strength, but also known as the race steel plastic ball, as the steel ball plastic ball surface finish high, good precision, good wear resistance, and a good self-lubricating, So widely used in ball valves, plastic bearings, plastic rails, hollow valves, automatic equipment, rotating parts of the machine, home industry with more than 90% of the slide with POM plastic ball, POM plastic ball shortcomings are injection molding process will produce a strong thorn Nose formaldehyde taste, need to control the injection temperature below 205 degrees. PA plastic ball is also known as polyamide plastic ball, PA plastic ball toughness to all plastic ball is the best, can work in high temperature and low temperature for a long time, not broken, deformation, and acid and alkali ability super, Where some metal balls, stainless steel balls and other occasions can not be used with polyamide plastic ball to use, PA plastic ball with a good self-lubricating, without maintenance, the disadvantage is easy to absorb water, so for direct contact with water and the occasion is not Suitable for the use of nylon plastic ball. TPX plastic ball, plastic TPX ball, PMMA plastic ball, ABS plastic ball, PS jewelry plastic ball, TPU plastic trackball. Plastic ball specifications, the international general specifications are: 3.165mm, 3.53mm, 3.85mm, 4.35mm, 4.763mm, 5.20mm, 5.95mm, 6.25mm, 6.95mm, 7.938mm, 8.152mm, 9.525mm, 10.10mm, 11.15 Mm, 12.72 mm, 14.00 mm, 15.875 mm, 17.50 mm, 19.052 mm, 22.00 mm, 25.25 mm, 27.625 mm, 29.53 mm, 30.125 mm, 38.63 mm, 39.46 mm, 40.35 mm, 50.52 mm, 55.89 mm, 60.376 mm, 67kg, 72.289mm, 78.96mm, 82.55mm, 94.38mm, 100.652mm, plastic ball commonly used packaging is wrapped with PE bag, and then outside the carton packaging, 20 bags per box, each packet according to the size of the ball to determine the size of each package, But the weight of each box should not exceed 15KG.

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