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Plastic ball hole ball wind removal method of new technology rele

  The plastic hollow hole ball manufacturing process is more complex, the traditional production of plastic hollow ball of the two processes can not produce holes plastic ball, plastic hollow ball with blow molding process production, but the hole plastic ball because there are holes, blow molding can not complete, Can only use two hemisphere welding method of production, plastic hollow ball welding there are several processes can be completed, one is the ultrasonic process, but the ultrasonic process on the choice of plastic raw materials, and the strength is not enough, it is easy in the welding position off But there is a method of rotation of the production, but the screw method is very low efficiency, only suitable for large hollow plastic ball production, then welding plate is the best way is to put two plastic hemispheres on the first heating Of the metal plate, when the edge of the two plastic hemispheres of melting, the metal plate away, to the two plastic hemisphere pressure together, over a minute after the two plastic hemispheres fully bonded together, that is, finished Plastic hole ball, but a good plastic welding hole ball will be cloak, then we should use the wind to cut the wind, which is the finished plastic hole ball.

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