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Plastic ball main manufacturing equipment

Plastic ball Another called plastic ball, first with the mold and injection molding machine to produce rough plastic ball, and then the ball deep processing of plastic blanks to ensure a certain degree of precision and finish is the qualified plastic ball. First of all, the production of plastic ball first processing plastic ball mold, mold demanding, different from other plastic products, molds, because other plastic products mold, a mold can only process a few, and plastic ball mold is 50 More than a few hundred, due to take more than a few, to ensure that each plastic blank balls are within the size of the design, it is necessary to mold design, and plastic ball from the large diameter, we must consider good Mold cooling problem, because the cooling will affect the plastic blank ball size, plastic blank ball shrinkage and its plastic products are different, so the mold design will directly affect the production capacity and quality, mold production is completed after a few times Of the test mode to adjust the mold size. After the production of injection molding machine, the next process is the sorting of the plastic blank ball, the size of the large and small selection of small out of large plastic blank balls are generally artificial sorting, small plastic blank balls are used Machine to sorting, only after sorting can be carried out under a process. Plastic blank ball after sorting, it is necessary to put into the plastic grinding machine grinding machine, grinding the length of time depends on the amount of plastic blank ball processing allowance, mold design, machining margin is small, the ball on the high efficiency , Plastic mold design is not good, more processing margins, plastic ball machine on the efficiency of low, the cost will increase. The last step of the plastic ball processing is to polish the plastic grinding balls of the grinding machine. The material used in the polishing determines the effect after polishing. The surface finish is different because of the different materials of the plastic balls and the surface finish.

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