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POM polyoxymethylene plastic ball material properties and electri

POM (polyoxymethylene resin) plastic ball is a side chain, high density, high crystalline linear polymer, the following data is POM POM plastic and electrical properties of the ball test data: 1, POM resin ball, also known as Plastic race ball, has a high hardness, the highest hardness of the ball in the plastic ball.

2, excellent mechanical properties, mechanical processing showed a very stable size tolerance, high temperature and low temperature no change in size. 

3, easy to polish, surface finish can reach the ball surface finish, it is suitable for sealing the valve sealing ball. 

4, the mobility is good, whether large plastic POM ball or plastic POM ball, can be used ordinary injection molding process. 

5, self-lubricating surface is the best of all the plastic ball, plastic bearings used in the above basically do not have oil.

6, excellent wear resistance, plastic ball bearings POM can run more than 10,000 hours at high speed, the diameter tolerance is not worn. 

7, excellent noise reduction performance, as a substitute for metal ball of choice. 

8, water absorption is very small, basically before the injection of raw materials do not need to dry. Physical properties: tensile strength, MPa tensile strength, the maximum is 130, the use of international common tensile tester (tensile strength, tensile strength, tensile strength of 130, . Bending strength, MPa, up to 180, tensile testing instrument testing. Heat distortion temperature (1.82MPa), ℃ up to 163 degrees. Volume resistivity, Ω · cm 308 * 10POM plastic ball test material selection Japan Polyplastics M90-44

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