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PPS ball, PSU ball, poly aryl sulfone ball, LCP ball,

PPS ball, PSU ball, poly aryl sulfone ball, LCP ball, polyether sulfone ball according to the material properties are mainly divided into high temperature PPS plastic ball, low temperature strong acid PSU ball, alkali plastic poly aryl sulfone ball. High-pressure insulating plastic LCP ball, high-gloss mirror plastic polyether sulfone ball, poly aryl sulfone ball: smooth surface without the wind, molding temperature up to 300 degrees above the hardness of aluminum alloy, self-lubricating performance is better than plastic POM ball, high temperature environment and , Strong acid and alkali showed strong resistance to chemical stability, in addition to strong nitric acid, the other chemicals on the poly aryl sulfone ball will not produce erosion, the surface is not sticky, excellent mechanical processing performance, the disadvantage is the material prices, than ordinary Plastic POM plastic high price of 10 times, so the high price of poly aryl sulfone ball, affecting its application in some areas, the current poly aromatic sulfone ball for chemical plants, machinery and equipment, auto parts, electronic high-pressure occasions, nuclear power equipment, Aerospace equipment. PPS ball, PSU ball, poly aryl sulfone ball, LCP ball, polyether sulfone sphere international standard specifications are 3.969.0mm, 4.535mm, 4.969mm, 5.95mm, 6.55mm, 6.95mm, 7.35mm, 7.938mm, 9.252mm , 29.96 mm, 29.46 mm, 38.4 mm, 42.5 mm, 49.9 mm, 56.3 mm, 63.52 mm, 68.76 mm, 9.969.0 mm, 10.95 mm, 12.55 mm, 14.00 mm, 15.95 mm, 18.55 mm, 19.55 mm, 21.95 mm, 72.390 mm, 778.45 mm, 85.45 mm. Product production technology more difficult, the company's products, has won the domestic and foreign customers of the assessment, if there is demand, please contact with my company!

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