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Plastic ball grading distribution index and plastic ball material

Plastic foam ball, plastic floats according to material distribution are PP foam plastic ball, PP plastic foam ball, nylon foam plastic ball, PA plastic foam ball, ABS hollow plastic float process index, HIPS foam plastic ball In the toy industry, the application of PA foam ball in the automotive sensor industry applications. 1, PA plastic foam ball, has a very good flexibility, the proportion of light, you can float in the water or oil in the liquid, due to nylon acid and alkali resistance is better, so most of the special industry liquid sensor PA plastic foam ball, PA plastic foam process, in the manufacturing process of instability, resulting in PA plastic foam ball diameter tolerance large deviation, the maximum diameter tolerance of 0.20, as a sensor accessories, this accuracy is clearly not up to the sensitivity requirements, so Nylon plastic foam ball must be secondary processing to use. Second, the plastic ball is the first production by the cylindrical plastic bar, through lathe machining, due to the efficiency is not high, resulting in the price of plastic balls is extremely high, cost and productivity on a serious constraint on the plastic ball in the industrial Application, and later the Germans invented the use of injection molds to produce plastic balls, although the solution to the problem of capacity and cost, but the surface of the plastic ball will be the wind and burr, the same will affect the application of plastic sphere, the final solution is With the ball processing equipment to produce plastic balls, and achieved good results, plastic ball began to get more and more applications. In this case,

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