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Plastic foam ball weight and plastic foam ball volume calculation

    Plastic foam ball volume and quality accounting method is as follows, assuming that the plastic foam ball diameter is 45.5mm, made of nylon foam plastic material (nylon foam for the proportion is 0.545): plastic foam ball volume formula = 22.75 * 22.75 * 22.75 * 3.14 Plastic foam ball mass = (22.75 * 22.75 * 22.75 * 3.14 * 0.545 / 1000) - (22.75 * 22.75 * 22.75 * 3.14 * 4/3 * 0.545 / 1000) = 1.35 g. Plastic foam ball mass and volume formula and the ratio of materials to add foaming agent, add more foam agent, plastic foam ball the proportion of the lighter, the corresponding volume becomes larger, the volume of foam plastic ball formula Materials, easy to calculate the error, the general will take a middle value to determine the volume of plastic foam ball formula.

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