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Trackball, plastic trackball, professional and manufacturing

Our company has the independent engineering department, has the rich trackball mold design, the application software has MASTER CAM9.0, AUTO CAD 2007, PRO-ENG 5.0, UG5.0 and so on, can help the customer comprehensively to solve the trackball, Plastic trackball, plastic trackball, rolling trackball, mechanical trackball technical issues, so that the product before the design of the defects to a very small.

Trackball, plastic trackball,airsoft bb, plastic trackball, rolling trackball, mechanical trackball Mainly mobile phone trackball, TPU polyurethane trackball, photoelectric trackball, POM plastic trackball, PA plastic trackball, mouse trackball, wireless keyboard track Ball, transmission trackball. Trackball specifications are 3.175, 3.97, 4.0, 4.76, 5.56, 6.35, 8.00, 9.52, 10.0, 12.7, 15.87, 19.05, 25.4, 35.2 to 100 mm. The trackball precision is strict, the general accuracy can reach 0.002mm, the product surface can be made smooth and frosted surface. Trackball in the phone navigation keys, mechanical, keyboard, mouse, electronic, ball valves,airsoft bb, transmission equipment, mechanical scrolling, computer, transmission products applications. Our company can provide our clients with excellent quality and service, welcomed the new and old customers visit cooperation in business negotiations.

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