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We want attention to the airsoft bb "cost"

airsoft bb can not be used again and will use once.

Since consumables, you'll have to buy every time you participate in the Sabage.

It depends on the Bairsoft bb types, but most of the airsoft bb can be purchased at 500 yen to 1,500 yen.

It would contain 1,000 rounds of airsoft bb in one of the bags.

During, there are products that bio BB bullet is also contains 5,000 shots.

But please be careful about because the price goes up greater the number of airsoft bb.

In addition, as the BB series with a weight, the price is high for is also distinctive.

There is a airsoft bb of up to 0.12g ~ 0.25g. BB bullet of 0.25g with weight is approximately 0.77 yen per shot. In the case of 0.12g, there is quite a price difference and 0.16 yen per shot.

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