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airsoft bb As you get to know Sabage use the "0.25g"

Another 0.25g is, it will be a tricky airsoft bb for a beginner.

0.25g, we recommend the use of the time that has been accustomed to Sabage.

Flight distance, but it will fall, hit accuracy It is characterized by that good.

Therefore, who can aim to set a firm opponent, you may wish to to 0.25g.

In addition, the trajectory is difficult to it.

Initial velocity because it falls compared to 0.2g, it would be difficult to apply if there is no confidence to hit.

By the way, the impact of when the hit is a little painful.

The hate Woman Who is hurt, it does not work.

However, when using the action rifle with a scope attached is, airsoft bb of 0.25g is appropriate. Since different depending on the kind of air gun to use, select while thinking the air gun that I use

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