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Air gun, gas gun is dedicated airsoft bb.

Air gun, gas gun is dedicated bullet. Because it is spherical is called BB (ball Brett) series.

BB bullet air gun manufactured and sold in Japan, two types having a diameter of about 6mm and 8 mm. The material in this order is environmentally friendly, natural decompose [bio], containing a natural calcium, and the like weathered relatively quickly [Semibaio], unit price is cheaper precision divided into three types of high [petroleum-based plastic]. In outdoor survival game, we have an increasing number of fields that are limited to bio-bullets.

Since the weight of the variation is also in abundance, compatibility with gun power and hop system of Let's choose the optimum. In general, it'll take you heavier bullets well trajectory is stable, because the greater the pain felt by the shot the side, there is a limit to the weight of the bullet in many of the survival game.

BB bullet of our handling, but can be used without problems in all of the air gun that meets the basic caliber, there is also a BB bullet that do not repair warranty of custom cancer in compatibility problems. Please be careful. [Toy shop shot is and bad BB bullet cheap, etc., will lead to an air gun failure to reuse once fired the BB bullet. Please be careful! ]

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