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airsoft bb diameter, outside diameter precision

airsoft bb diameter, outside diameter precision

Diameter asairsoft bb with a diameter of its name, the accuracy of the outer diameter is a measure to say that you are well-equipped much dimension.

The measure in precision measuring instruments such as micrometers, but it is common,

The measuring force of normal micrometer there is a possibility that crushed the airsoft bb

If you measure the diameter perforated gauge, you do not go and not taking into account the tolerance of the hole.

Diameter is often around 5.95mm, the small ones there is also a thing of 5.8mm stand. Clearance between the diameter is small, the barrel is increased

Air loss occurs, there is a tendency that the initial velocity is low.

So, when setting to the last minute of power in a small BB bullet diameter, the regulation when using large airsoft bb with a diameter of

There is a possibility of over.

In addition, since an important factor with respect to the bullet goes up, you will have to chose what was in his gun.airsoft bb

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