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airsoft bb polishing, surface treatment

 airsoft bb polishing, surface treatment

airsoft bb which are produced by injection molding, and parting (resin portion protruding from the seam of the mold) as it is a Bali (first match of the mold),

Gate mark (resin injection port part) and left, it can not be used. After injection molding, it will be multiplied by the polishing in some way.

Polishing technology has greatly improved since I Marushin MAXIBB bullets and Sâ…¡S precision munitions series came out,

Even in lightweight ammunition cost performance is required, it has appeared a number of those of the accuracy of the outer diameter of the precise weight bullets par.

Those that have been described as "the same manufacturing process as bearing" the airsoft bbt points to this polishing process.

The surface treatment of bullets for airsoft bb is also important, to have been polished to a mirror surface of the smooth

There is a tendency to take the hop becomes weaker, will be to have been polished to a somewhat gritty Me and vice versa.

And it is polished to rough, but now the rumor extend the same in the distance and the dimpled golf ball,

No effect on airsoft bb of surface treatment of about gritty, there was not actually released the dimple bullet effect.

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