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airsoft bb of the type

airsoft bb of the type

airsoft bb can be divided into three large in the difference of the main raw material. 

1. Plastic bullet

Is a airsoft bb that 100% of the components are made of plastic that are not spontaneous decomposition.

The majority is the 0.12g such as lightweight bullet, but ultra-precision munitions for the competition also fall into this category.

The heaviest bullet 0.3g level has earned the weight by using the high specific gravity material.

2. Semibaio airsoft bb

Is a natural decomposition is be material (or natural materials) are not broken down (which is hard)airsoft bb which is a combination of materials.

Most of the BB bullets that are currently in circulation will fall into this category.

Typical materials of Marui 0.2g stone powder, and barium sulfate, and the like of EXCEL and the like.

The degradation rate is very slow, but "one is weathering" of the level ones.

3. Bio-bullets

This airsoft bb made of material that is completely degraded by bacteria and ultraviolet.

Once upon a time is not made of corn and starch, decomposition it was early, but there was a weakness to say that very sensitive to humidity.

It can currently be handled without the same as normal airsoft bb.

It is expensive compared to other BB bullet, but in the outdoors is where you want as much as possible to use the bio-bullets.

Previously, it was not around for only 0.2g, in recent years 0.12g and 0.25g, further is also released weight bullets more than it now so that the weight can be chosen.

There was also the impression to say that bio-bullet = accuracy is poor, but high-precision bombs also becomes large, can now be sufficient to cover the sniper rifle.

In overseas countries that are thorough in environmental protection, and component analysis of bio-bullets, and not found to be reliably decomposed

There seems to be a place called can not be used outdoors.

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