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Biodegradation airsoft bb degradation principle

When it comes to a lot of people think plastic degradation airsoft bb aging decomposition process in the sun, in fact, the degradation of airsoft bb plastic plastic degradation is only the most primitive way, because if the plastic products not lighted by the sun, so the aging of BB plastic decomposition rate will become very slow, then how is buried in the soil, then plastic airsoft bb this may require degradation of hundreds of years, so the degradation speed is obviously not conducive to environmental protection, but also causes pollution to soil degradation, now is the use of the new airsoft bb corn starch production of PLA plastic as a raw material for the production of PLA, the biggest advantage is that as long as the degradation of BB in the moist environment the BB will, starch molecules corrosive decomposition by bacteria, and quickly, after the actual test showed that in the soil in the fastest 3 months to PLA degradation of airsoft bb Completion of the decomposition and decomposing bacteria after BB into water and carbon dioxide, to the environment without any pollution, above is airsoft bb biodegradation principle.

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