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Types of plastic airsoft bb balls

It also used airsoft bb plastic ball called BB plastic toy bullet, BB ball is the name of the simulation gun bullets abroad based on the literal translation of the meaning of the foreign name Airsoft BB, BB plastic ball according to material classification there are several plastic ball BB, ABS plastic BB ball is currently the most commonly used plastic ball BB plastic raw material production the second is the production of plastic raw materials, AS AS airsoft bb AS plastic ball, plastic raw material prices and ABS close to, but toughness is worse, so the plastic BB choose SA as raw material manufacturers are PS plastic raw material for the production of BB plastic ball only 0.12g airsoft bb elastic material, because PS plastic raw materials to produce products fragile. So with filling, PS plastic raw materials to BB processing, we can only use PS raw material direct production of airsoft bb ball, airsoft bb ball the most widely use is the children's toy gun using bb.

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