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Method of plastic ball types division and production process

According to the types of plastic ball distinguish: plastic ball, plastic ball, plastic ball, plastic ball, plastic ball, hollow solid plastic hollow ball, plastic foam ball, plastic foam ball, plastic float, plastic float, plastic floating ball, plastic floating ball, plastic ball, plastic ball ball, go plastic toys, plastic toys, plastic ball, BB ball, BB ball, plastic ball, plastic color plastic color ball, plastic balloons, balloons, plastic plastic ball, plastic ball, light emitting double color plastic ball, double color plastic ball each kind of plastic ball production process is different, according to art to distinguish injection molding process, moulding technology, ultrasonic technology, Tangjiao process, bonding process, casting, machining, plastic injection molding process is plastic ball ball production method, the most commonly used injection molding process: plastic ball mould in the injection molding machine to complete Can produce soft plastic ball and hard plastic ball, capacity will very high, plastic pellets can be production of more than 2000 particle, the production efficiency is very high, coupled with the plastic ball post grinding can put plastic ball is processed into a high precision products, precision can reach + 0.01 mm, the injection molding process for the production of plastic balls are: plastic ball, plastic ball, plastic solid ball, solid plastic ball, plastic toy ball, plastic toy ball, plastic foam ball, plastic foam ball, plastic ball, plastic ball. Blow process is only the production of hollow plastic ball, hollow plastic ball, hollow plastic ball, plastic hollow ball, blow molding, blow molding machine in plastic hollow ball mould using compressed air to melt the plastic blowing hollow plastic ball shape, used for blow molding mold with heating function, so blow molding machine is already melted plastic raw material quantitative into the mold, and then through a needle tube blowing compressed air blow molding hollow but production. Process for the production of vinyl plastic balls are: Vinyl hollow spheres, vinyl toy ball, vinyl, vinyl high wisdom ball, BB ball, toy ball, vinyl grass earth, Tangjiao process is used to produce vinyl furnace, put PVC powder adding plasticizer paste, then the quantitative vinyl paste into the vinyl plastic ball mold, vinyl plastic ball mould is two hollow hemispheres, add to the mold after another hemisphere buckle, lock, then put the vinyl plastic ball mould into heating vinyl furnace, a general heating temperature at about 400 degrees, 5-6 minutes can be completed. After the completion of the mould soak into the water cooling, the mold is opened after the finished product is vinyl plastic ball. Casting process in the production of plastic ball, plastic billiards, plastic trackball, jade plastic ball, casting process is used phenolic resin adding plasticizer, tune into a paste, and then poured into the mold, mold temperature and finally forming out of plastic ball

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