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The difference with the shotgun and shotgun plastic airsoft bb

Shotguns also called shotgun bullets, mainly refers to the metal bullets, generally used for hunting shotgun is made of lead, the purpose is to have a shotgun shooting range and accuracy better, because a lot of secondary particles into the shotgun shot, and so is not the same BB gun, shotgun bullet injection barrel, rely on inertia to hit the target, so the bullet is heavier, the accuracy will be better, the force will be increased, and the use of lead bullets, and will not cause damage to the inner wall of the gun barrel, and then why the need for airsoft bb high precision, because of the high precision airsoft bb gun barrel, with high precision to use dragonballs BB, BB the gun rifling can make airsoft bb rotating, high-speed hit the target, so the use of the shotgun bullets and airsoft bbgun used in the use of the principle of difference between airsoft bb, inferior BB will damage the BB gun, The lead bullet shot gun does not need precision, accuracy is not high and will not cause damage to the gun.

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