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Analysis of plastic bag, plastic ball forming characteristics

Plastic bag, plastic ball is outside refers to plastic balls wrapped a layer of glue, the encapsulating material commonly used are soft, TPR, TPE, PVC and other soft plastic bags, plastic ball to two molding to complete, the first is to complete the production of plastic ball inside, and then forming second times in general, inside the plastic ball size than rubber ball diameter 3-4mm, outside the bread before the thickness is between 1.5-2mm, the technical content of plastic bags is very high, first of all to the inside of the plastic ball through the system in the middle position of the rubber ball bag mold, there cannot be offset, if there is offset. It will cause the production of plastic bags of bread ball glue thick bread glue thin, and may even cause the inside of the ball is exposed, the current master of this process only Dongguan Jiaji Plastic Products Co Ltd.

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