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How to choose the right airsoft bb gun

When it comes to the airsoft bb gun, most attention is the gun enthusiasts of the brand, model, battery power, BB gun number, few people pay attention to the quality of airsoft bb gun, and the gun according to the size of the power actually choosing different specifications of the weight of airsoft bb is very important, BB with standard diameter of BB gun the specification is 6mm, and the actual use of specifications is 5.95 + 0.01mm, weight from 0.12g to 0.32g, there are 7 specifications of BB ball, 0.12gBB ball is easy to judge, can get in the hands of know, because of the special light weight, the BB is a child's toy BB gun, shooting nearly, and the power is the power source in spring, 0.20g airsoft bb shells are commonly used in BB ball size, conventional airsoft bb General Electric BB airgun use, 0.2gBB ball the farthest range is 50 meters, the gun as a beginner People use just good, if used after special airsoft bb gun, it is recommended to use 0.25g BB ball, this BB range can reach a distance of 80 meters, and high precision is CS game internationally commonly used specifications yield.

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