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Analysis of the noise effect of plastic ball in children car

The plastic ball used in the children's car in recent years is just used for a long time, the use of child bearing on the car is used to use ball bearings, the drawback is easy to rust, and the noise is big, want to use metal bearing lubricating oil, lubricating oil can cause overflow when using, causing potential safety problems for children, the bearing in the children's car are used on the plastic ball has two plastic ball, a nylon plastic ball is a PP plastic ball, plastic ball is nylon has the advantages of high surface smoothness, and good self lubrication, no lubricating oil, but the production cost is higher than PP, higher than the price of plastic ball one times above, another plastic ball is PP plastic ball, plastic ball is PP has the advantages of low cost, environmental protection than nylon can meet foreign customers, all related to the requirements of environmental protection and safety, the disadvantage is that the surface finish is not As well as the nylon plastic ball, strength and toughness than nylon plastic ball good, the children's car use plastic ball is mainly used in the export of children's car, in the domestic sales of children's car mostly without the use of plastic ball, I believe the near future, the domestic children's car will adopt plastic ball bearing.

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