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airsoft bb simulation gun electric power transmission principle

According to the structure of the electric airsoft bb gun in the picture can be seen from the original talent of the compression spring compressed air into the current battery to drive the motor with compressed air, the principle is driven by the motor gear group, achieve compression spring, when the compressed air is completed, will be completed once the compressed air. The work, when the shooting is completed, the electric motor driving gear again to do the next work, because it is the motor to drive the gear, so the speed is very fast, this is the reason can often see electric BB gun continuous emission, the only drawback is that the battery power is low, the precision and range of shooting will be influence of the working principle of CS electric power is above airsoft bb gun, in addition to the BB BB gun electric precision is very high, once the airsoft bb precision is not up to the standard, will be made BB card in BB gun bore, and the motor will continue to work, resulting in damage to the airsoft bb gun, so the use of electric airsoft bb gun to choose high precision of BB, Dongguan Jiaji plastic products Co., Ltd. is the production of BB in full compliance with the criteria for the use of electric BB gun. The used electric airsoft bb gun in the foreign markets of BB is selection of the company's production of 6mm ball airsoft bb, welcome new and old customers come to discuss cooperation.

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