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Rubber ball working principle of vibrating screen

The use of vibration sieve rubber ball used as accessories of vibrating screen, in the work will have small screening products caught in the sieve shaker, affect the working efficiency of vibrating screen, rubber ball can bounce through BB vibrating screen products down, rubber ball in the airsoft bb stretch were used, don't stop on the beat, repeatedly knocking in front of the screen, can achieve the purpose of cleaning the screen, in mining, metallurgy, food processing, chemical and other industries with the use of more vibrating screen, requirements for rubber ball BB in different industries are not the same, and the vibration of the rubber ball used in some northern areas the requirements are not the same and because the temperature is low, the ordinary materials in the production of rubber ball so as to promote the elasticity, specializing in the production of cold resistant rubber ball, to join the COLD-RESISTER in rubber ball BB, which under the condition of low temperature and BB rubber ball Bb bb bb bb bb bb bb of yuan UUQ bb bb ball made of natural rubber is mainly according to the quality of the BB, airsoft b good elasticity, Dongguan Jiaji plastic products Co., Ltd production of plastic ball, plastic ball, rubber ball, rubber ball 6mmbb bombs, biological degradation in the country in the best level, the rubber ball material: NBR rubber ball, NR, TPE butyl benzene rubber ball, DEH chloroprene rubber ball, three ethylene propylene rubber ball, HNBR chlorine hydride rubber ball, chlorine clear silicone rubber ball, fluorine rubber ball, FLS silicon and fluorine rubber ball, the company can according to customer needs for customers to develop a variety of plastic ball, plastic ball, rubber ball, and other products.

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