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  Airsoft BBs, .12g, .20g, .25g,6mm 0.20g Airsoft BBs,china6mm 0.23g Airsoft BBs,china6mm 0.25g Airsoft BBs, china6mm 0.28g Airsoft BBs, china6mm 0.30g Airsoft BBs, china6mm 0.32g Airsoft BBs, china6mm0.12g arisoft bbs taiwan Plastic BallsPlastic PP Balls chinaPlastic POM Balls chinaPlastic PA Balls chinaPlastic PMMA Balls chinaPlastic PC Balls chinaTPX Plastic ballNylon plastic hollow ballPE plastic ball chinaBio airsoft bbs china6mm 0.2g Bio airsoft bbs china6mm 0.23g Bio airsoft bbs chin6mm 0.25g Bio airsoft bbs chin6mm 0.28g Bio airsoft bbs chin6mm 0.30g Bio airsoft bbs chin6mm 0.32g Bio airsoft bbs chin6mm 0.12g bio airsoft bbsAirsoft BB Forum
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ABS airsoft bb, PS plastic BB, PLA airsoft bb- product catalog

ABS plastic airsoft bb, Teflon, Teflon, PS plastic toy gun 0.12g airsoft bb 6mm airsoft bb, ordinary bomb by weight, the ordinary 6mm0.20gABS airsoft bb 0.23g6mmBB 6mm0.25g ordinary bomb, bomb, environmental protection 6mm 0.28g airsoft bb, BB 6mm0.30g increased airsoft bb increase, 0.32g, overweight BB refers to the use of ordinary BB, cheap plastic raw materials for the production of BB in addition, slow degradation, degradation and other BB does not have what difference, production process and production technology of biodegradable BB BB is basically the same, but with different plastic, PLA can be decomposed in the soil bacteria through plastic materials, but the price is relatively high, and PLA biodegradation of airsoft bb processing difficulty a large, unstable product quality, there are fewer fewer companies master the biodegradation of airsoft bb production technology, Dongguan Jiaji plastic products Limited production PLABB Bomb, reached the best level in quality at home and abroad, the products are being more and more of the CS enthusiasts use and acceptance, welcome new and old customers of the company to negotiate business airsoft bb sales.

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