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Influence of speed service life of plastic ball bearing -news

The main working parts of plastic bearings is a plastic ball, plastic ball rotating at high speed working condition, plastic ball quality directly affects the service life of plastic bearings, so the plastic bearings used in plastic materials must have high temperature resistance and self lubricating ability, or plastic bearings rotate at high speed will produce a certain temperature, the temperature is high can reach 120 degrees, so the common plastic material in this temperature has been deformed, soft, fragile, general plastic bearings used in most of the material is PA66 plastic PA66 with high temperature resistant and self-lubricating properties, it is suitable for high temperature work, one of the factors influencing the service life of the bearing is plastic bearing speed, speed is too high, the temperature went up, the plastic bearing wear increased, the plastic bearing reduced service life, the general ideal plastic Bearing speed is 1500 revolutions per second, nylon bearings are in the best working condition.

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