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Plastic ball valves in chemical engineering solutions - News

In the chemical industry, many chemical acid, alkali and other corrosive chemicals, when the liquid chemical industrial production, chemical flow, moving and storage container should be sealed, the valve is essential for pipe fittings, but the metal valve will chemicals and chemical reaction and corrosion, so the valve can not use accessories the metal to produce, so can only be used to use plastic valves, plastic valves most commonly used sealing ball to acid and alkali and other chemicals, commonly used material is nylon, nylon plastic ball chemical resistant ability, good toughness, self lubrication and other excellent properties, is widely used in chemical transportation when valve fittings. Chemicals, plastics, sealing ball precision requirements below + 0.01 mm, and the plastic sealing ball surface finish degree to do mirror effect, plastic sealing ball sealing parts, use light to detect, pervious to light cannot qualify. The company's long-term customers to do the valve seals provide technical support, for customers on the plastic sealed ball has many options for customers to choose and the company have all kinds of material plastic ball product inventory, at any time can provide various materials of various specifications of plastic ball for customer testing and general customers need small batch plastic ball samples, the company will provide free.

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