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Wiser Production process of plastic ball

High Zhier plastic ball English name Wiser ball, 13 years from the beginning, two years in many countries around the world since the introduction Chinese prevailed, 14 years, in many city China people are playing high Zhier plastic ball, high Zhier plastic ball is made of PVC materials in the production of vinyl plastic ball, high Zhier the wall thickness of the ball at about 12mm, used in the production of vinyl production process, molding cycle is longer, about 5 minutes or so, the vinyl plastic ball mold is high, Tang glue plastic ball mould thickness requirements should be consistent, otherwise the production of vinyl plastic ball shell is not uniform, resulting in elasticity is not enough, and in the production of vinyl furnace the temperature change color temperature is too high will have special requirements of high Zhier plastic ball burning, the temperature is too low will cause the internal high Zhier plastic ball without molding, so the production of high Zhier vinyl plastic ball Need a very high technology, the current Dongguan City Jia Technology Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is the only one can produce qualified products manufacturers.

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