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airsfot bb and airsfot bb biodegradation identification method

Want to know to buy ordinary or biodegradable airsoft bb bb bb, for ordinary buyers may need some difficulty, because of the simple appearance, it is hard to know, the company's long-term production of ordinary airsoft BB and airsoft BB for biodegradation, buyers can give to the identification of the most authoritative, we must first understand the general and degradation of bb bb the difference in the raw material, the common used material airsoft BB has two kinds, one is ABS, one is PS, the two kinds of plastics are hard plastics, and biodegradable airsfot BB is the main raw material for processing of PLA and PLA, the original production of raw materials is corn starch, so the most simple way is to the hand of the airsoft BB incision, and then use it to Shao, when the smell of glue paste flavor food stocks, it can be concluded that the biodegradation of BB, if there is a burning plastic smell That is, the ordinary airsfot bb.

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